Friday, February 6, 2009

HS Multi Email Sender

Sending periodic newsletters or other offer mails to the customers are common marketing techniques of escalating business these days. But sending emails to a comparatively larger number of email addresses is a cumbersome task. The settings takes a lot of your time before you can start working with any mailing software. But this fuss can be avoided by trying HS Multi-Email Sender 5.4.1. The software is simple and straight to use. It assists in sending the Plain or HTML format mails to specified email addresses list. It does not need any SMTP server or DNS settings to be configured and is capable of catching the bad email addresses even before sending the mails.

By using the HS Multi-Email Sender 5.4.1 the users would find it easy and convenient way to send mails to many addresses altogether. When you start working with it shows small screen that is not cluttered with complex options. First you need to have the mail composed and stored in Plain or HTML format as desired. Then coming to the program you need to enter the information into the given fields. Write the senders name and email address in the provided fields. Enter the Subject and have the Message file attached or enable the HTML format if required. The recipient’s addresses needs to be imported into the program from file or database. The attached files are shown listed wt the program so that you can confirm their for sure attachment. The Job List and the Success List is shown on the right that can be saved with the given options. To avid sending emails to bad addresses thus saving your time, use the ‘Check and Remove Bad Addresses From Job List’ feature. You can even have the files attached with the program itself and Send the mails.

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